Review: The Oakwood, Alderley Edge

We tried out their new Autumn menu; a cosy pub with a hearty menu and excellent wine list.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 7 November 2019

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Last week I got the chance to visit The Oakwood in Alderley Edge. Not my usual Tuesday night dinner.

It was just as it started going pitch black at 3pm and was approximately 2 degrees, so naturally I was furious that I had to do anything more than walk the long 100 metres home from the office, but that hideous winter feeling lifted as soon as I arrived in Alderley Edge at the front doors of The Oakwood, a perfect little pub.

The White Brasserie and Brasserie Blanc are part of the Raymond Blanc’s empire. And the menus are created by Executive chefs and change seasonally.

Alongside a well thought out autumn menu, sits a wine list with a perfectly thought out selection. Red, white & rosé with a choice of light, dry, indulgent and crisp wines.

I was assured that the wine also changes with the seasons to reflect the menu, and in the summer you can enjoy a cocktail or G&T in the beer garden. Bloody lovely.

In all honesty, whilst I am not the usual reviewer of things, I can tell a good pub when I see one, and I was already happy about this visit within approx 20 seconds of entering as it was WARM and the staff were incredibly inviting. I visited The Oakwood with my mum, she also liked it a lot.

Now, down to the good stuff. Food. We had a quick chat over the menu, recommendations included Cheese Soufflé (£6.95), Chicken Liver Parfait (£6.95) for starters and Smoked Pork Belly (£17.95) with apple & crackling and Moroccan Lamb Tagine (£18.95) for mains.

Naturally I ignored all suggestions and went for Crab to start. I was trying to be healthy for some reason, and thought crab would be the one. The actual dish, titled; Potted Cornish Crab (£8.75) with guacamole was served with a PRAWN BUTTER (!) and sourdough toast. Maybe not healthy but definitely delicious.

I’ve not eaten lot of crab in my life but the crab I have eaten has been at seafood restaurants on the coast, and this was good enough to rival any previous crab experiences. The guacamole was also a nice addition, served in a cute pot which made for a nice photo and an impressed “ooh” from my ever discerning mother.

Barbs had the Moroccan Mezze Platter (£7.95) as she was feeling rather inter-continental. You can get this as a starter for one or to share, the starter for one was actually shared between us both as I demanded to try the aubergines and artichoke, which incidentally were incredible but a little too much for a starter. Worth the £7.95 though!

Moving on to the main courses, I ordered the Slow Cooked Beouf Bourguignon (£17.75) as I felt it appropriately matched my autumn mood and was the warming comfort I wanted from a pub dinner. It was served with mash which was creamy AND fluffy.

The red wine gravy was just indulgent enough without being overly rich and I could have eaten it twice if I wasn’t saving myself for dessert.

Wine wise, I went for a Pinot Noir red to compliment the beef but something a little lighter so I wasn’t overfed with heaviness as well as a three course meal. The glass was a tenner so a little more expensive than I’d usually go for but as I was only having one I thought I’d treat myself.

We also tried the Duck Leg Confit (£18.50) with blackberries which sounded absolutely delightful. Blackberry season comes into its own at the beginning of autumn so I was looking forward to trying this. The duck was beautifully cooked and fell off the bone, complimented perfectly with a little sweetness and seasonal veg. I mean, look at it.

Ok so, dessert. Meringue, berries and rose marshmallows. If you’re a fan of sweet things this is the one for you.

Crunchy and squishy, the perfect combination of flavour and texture and a delightful end to the meal. The dessert was shared as neither of us could fit anything else in.

We did actually spot a family at the next table ordering what only can be described as mountains of ice cream which also looked delightful (obviously) and would have been my next choice if I wasn’t sitting with an adult who wanted a ‘real dessert’.

The Oakwood is the perfect place for a quiet mid-week dinner or weekend treat. I’d also opt for Christmas menu if I was back in the area at any time soon.

We were told their roast dinners are a sell out and I can’t think of any reason why they wouldn’t be from what I’d eaten already.

The cosy area near the bar also looked like a place I could sit in for a pint or 10 after a countryside walk which the surroundings so conveniently lend themselves to.


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