Rosso’s NEW Sistine Chapel-Inspired Interior & The Woman Who Designed It

Housed within an 118-year old Grade II listed building, Rosso has always impressed visitors, but this month has seen the popular restaurant’s interior completely transformed, all thanks to the talents of one woman.

By Manchester's Finest | 3 August 2021

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Like many graduates nowadays, Charlotte Turner found herself struggling to find work after finishing university back in 2011, and after working a couple of years for a design company in Alderley Edge, decided to take matters into her own hands and set up her very own interior design company – Statement Interiors.

Charlotte got straight to work, offering up designs and renovations on residential properties, in her words channelling a passion for “turning houses to homes” by creating custom, design-led interiors that went for the “WOW” factor throughout.

Looking at the testimonials from her very happy customers, it’s instantly clear that Charlotte has some seriously impressive design acumen, and is immensely proud of what she created during her early stages of her career.

With timeless designs and a drive to provide her clients with a personal, dedicated service, Charlotte’s reputation throughout the city (and beyond) started to grow and grow.

It’s here where her journey from residential to commercial happened, as she was approached fashion entrepreneur (and city centre developer) Mr Kamani to completely re-design and renovate iconic King Street restaurant Rosso, and as the whole of the UK entered into lockdown last March, Charlotte grabbed her tools, donned a high-viz and went to work on her biggest project yet.

A self-confessed “independent boss bitch“, Charlotte wasn’t afraid to climb some scaffolding, completely throwing herself into the project and providing the same level of personal service to the restaurant as she would with her residential clients – and the job that she’s done – well, it totally reflects her huge level of dedication and sharp eye for detail.

If you’re yet to give Rosso a visit since it has re-opened, then you really need to get yourself down there, because the job Charlotte has done is truly awe-inspiring. It’s subtle yet bold, sophisticated and yet mesmerising, and in a space where you’d always feel a pang of grandeur – she’s managed to elevate it to a higher level altogether.

The concept behind the design is based on the infamous domed ceiling of the restaurant, which reminded Charlotte of the Sistine Chapel – so she ran with her idea of cupids, which adorn many of the walls and surfaces in the space, “to help create ‘Instagrammable’ moments throughout.

By then adding mirrored surfaces, unique lighting and ample flower displays, the space can remain stylish but also have a longevity as the flowers change with the seasons, and colours can transform throughout the year.

“Nothing can be a trend as it ages too quickly.”

It wasn’t all plain sailing though, as a few months into the project, and after installing a rather elaborate set of mirrors in the bathrooms, there was a leak, meaning she was forced to smash them all down and start again.

I personally would have found this extremely therapeutic – but would probably still have a nagging feeling in the back of my head regarding that seven year’s bad luck.

In the perfect retort to that old wives tale, Charlotte has instead come out of the Rosso project with more queries and clients than ever, and it seems that her transition into commercial interior design is complete, even though she still holds a firm flame for residential projects too.

Statement Interiors has really reached the stratosphere in the city after the Rosso gig, and Charlotte is keen to crack on with the next projects and improve her recognition not just in Manchester but also internationally. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more of her designs adorning venues across the city and beyond, so one to keep your eye on in the coming 12 months.

Charlotte is currently running a competition to WIN a table for 2 at Rosso on her Instagram – which you can enter right here…


You can follow Statement Interiors below, and if you want to see Charlotte’s design in Rosso, it’s open now.

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