A sneak peek at Yoko Ono's art work for MIF 2019

This Thursday sees MIF 2019 kick off with 'Bells for Peace' an interactive art piece hosted by non-other than Yoko Ono. 

By Alex Watson | Last updated 3 July 2019

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We popped down to the Old Bank building on Corporation Street and got a sneak peek behind the scenes of what promises to be an iconic event. 

The Old Bank Residency, tucked away in the NOMA neighbourhood behind the grand doors of the old bank building which has been in place since 1928, is the creative hub for the area. Behind studio kitchen One Dish Room and a 16-seat cinema, we find the final bells being made for Yoko’s event.

The event, taking place in Cathedral Gardens, is hoping to send a message of peace and unity to the world. The commission is the first major piece of work Yoko has created for Manchester, after being one of the most renowned and respected artists for more than 50 years. 

The installation will see thousands of diverse voices and a people’s orchestra of bells gather together from home and abroad as the city rings and sings out for peace to the world. There will also be great church bells and even the Cathedral bells ringing out for the event. 

Each of the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester has been given the opportunity to take part, including those who may not usually engage with MIF or have any sort of barrier stopping them from taking part.  

Facilitated by Standard Practise, a series of special workshops have been set up, handcrafting almost 400 ceramic bells designed, created and personalised by communities across Greater Manchester. 

Sian and Jenny from the coordination team behind the Bells for Peace talked us through how inspiring the people they have met in the process and how amazingly inclusive the artwork is for all those across Manchester and beyond. 

The spirit of the event is to see all people across Manchester and even the world through the MIF website online streaming come together for peace. 

Join the boroughs and Yoko Ono on the day to hear them, or even bring a bell of your own to join in this spectacular event!

‘Come and join together to send a message of peace to the world. The beauty of this piece will break the sky and more. Ring for peace! PEACE is POWER! I love you all.’ – Yoko Ono 


Bells for Peace with Yoko Ono

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When: 4th July 
Where: Cathedral Gardens, Corporation Street, M4 3BG
Time: 6pm 
Cost: FREE

This is a standing event.