Spinning Yarns For Your Yards: The 3 Manchester Creatives Making Handmade Custom Rugs

Breaking the boundaries and the common conceptions of standard floor coverings.

By Steven Pankhurst | 6 October 2020

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Local Manchester creatives AK, Kealan and Slowpo are the minds behind Rugg Ryders, a venture born out of lockdown. After being forced to work from home, the change of environment and daily routine prompted them to reflect on their new work spaces – how they could improve them to mirror their personalities and channel their creative energy.

Photo by Zak Cache | Instagram: cache.files

After lots of research, trial and error, the 3 creatives mastered the process of making handmade rugs – Last week saw the launch of their Instagram account where you can now DM them to order design flips like the iconic Nike TN logo and an MF DOOM / Lucky Cat mashup. They’re also offering a complete custom service and the guys want you to think past the boundaries of what a rug can be – suggesting them as wall pieces, desk accessories, and even placements on garments by applying them as patches.

Photo by Zak Cache | Instagram: cache.files

All materials and services used in the process are sourced from local independent businesses and all of the rugs are made through a tufting process, finishing the rug with a soft backing for a clean finish. The production process for a rug depends on size and complexity of design, and starts from 4 hours to make, with a minimum of 12 hours for the drying process to complete.

Prices vary based on design, size and the type of yarn used. Starting at £30-£50 for a ‘Mini Ryder Rug’, which is perfect to decorate your desk space, bedside table, or as a decorative wall piece. Small rugs start from £100, mediums from £250, and large rugs from £400. Custom designs and unique one-of-one pieces range from £150-£1k depending on size and design, and Rugg Ryders are able to cater any requirements and intended uses.

Photo by Zak Cache | Instagram: cache.files

Price and sizes shown in the photo above…

CDG (7” x 7”) = £30
Nike TN (25” x 18”) = £110
Doom Kitty (31” x 25”) = £250
Baby Girl (35.5” x 10”) = £150


Follow Rugg Ryders on their socials and simply DM to make an order:

Instagram: @Rugg_Ryders
Twitter: @Rugg_Ryders
Facebook – @RuggRyders