The Streets of Manchester are set to become an Immersive Performance for MIF 2019

Taking inspiration from Thomas More’s Utopia, Utopolis Manchester asks whether another society might exist, if only for a Utopian moment.

By Alex Watson | 2 July 2019

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Created by Rimini Protokoll, the immersive event with interactive audiences takes citizens on an extraordinary journey through Manchester.

Gathering in small groups across unlikely locations through Manchester; from coffee shops to bars, offices to shops, the groups will head out to explore the people and places that shape Manchester’s daily life.

The piece will allow participants to discover the many ways in which citizens build communities, societies and democracy.

Each group, equipped with a loudspeaker, head out to find the heart and soul of the city via singular episodes and chance encounters in a network of unexpected locations. Through intricate tapestries of sounds and voices, the piece is designed to imagine the future.

Once the assembly reaches critical mass, an urgent question will be posed: Can a group of disparate individuals come together to forge a utopian state? And if so, how large can this system grow before it falls apart?

Author-directors Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel, have been developing
complex immersive formats for interacting audiences under the Berlin-based collective label
Rimini Protokoll since 2002.

This project sees them embrace a city-wide scale and invites individuals to participate, explore and celebrate the big idea of utopian futures.

Take an extraordinary journey in search of Utopia – and uncover the secret life of the city with Utopolis at MIF 2019.


Utopolis at MIF 2019

Where: Multiple locations, Manchester City Centre (Central OR Oxford Road Corridor)
When: Wednesday 10th July – Saturday 13th July
Time: 6pm
Cost: £10

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