Support Local! The restaurant that sources their produce within a 40-mile radius

Randall & Aubin, located on Bridge Street, has upheld its reputation for their unrivalled seafood for years.

By Ciara Martin | Last updated 10 January 2020

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Continuing to serve the freshest seafood and finest in rotisserie meats, we were wondering what exactly the Randall & Aubin secret was.

Truth is, their premium ingredients are carefully chosen from local suppliers. In fact, most of their suppliers are within a 40-mile radius of the restaurant itself.

With a huge passion for quality ingredients and sustainability, co-owners Jamie Poulton and accomplished Head Chef Ed Baines ensure every dish served at Randall & Aubin is exceptional.

Complemented by each chef’s specialist knowledge, Randall & Aubin have developed great partnerships with each of their suppliers in order to provide the best in dining. Every dish is prepared on-site, and the team is committed to the training and progression of their young chefs.

The team use ingredients when they are at their best (and most fresh) by purchasing produce daily in order to avoid bulk buying and excess waste.

“Sourcing fresh produce locally is very important to us and our ethos. By supporting local farmers and businesses, we’re also reducing our carbon footprint and waste along the way”. Randall & Aubin chef, Rory Lumsden, tells us.

Randall & Aubin’s seafood is sourced from one of the few independent, family-run businesses based in Fleetwood, My Fish Company. The wholesalers have a strong history within the industry and deliver fresh, quality produce to R&A.

Sourced predominantly in UK waters by UK vessels, the company has connections in Brixham, Newlyn, Scrabster, Shetland and Peterhead.

Sourcing their vegetables a stone’s throw away from the city centre, Cater 2 You Ltd is based in Failsworth and provides many years of industry experience along with the intelligence, foresight and longevity of their committed team. Ensuring only the freshest produce passes through their doors.

Randall & Aubin’s meat and dairy are sourced locally from Woods and Son in Oldham and their Dairy from The Cheese Larder in Lancashire (who’s origins as a deli and trusted cheese supplier date back to 1990).

Randall & Aubin’s commitment to sustainability and first-class produce ensures that exceptional quality is guaranteed with every dish, and we can certainly vouch for that one.


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Randall & Aubin, 64 Bridge St, M3 3BN