The sustainable & vegan cocktails coming to this Northern Quarter bar!

Who knew your choice of Friday tipple could be helping the environment!?

By Alex Watson | Last updated 20 May 2022

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Alvarium snuck onto the scene but their chilled vibes and killer happy hour hit all our lives with a bang – and let’s be honest, we’ve all been going since.

The happy hour includes plenty of cocktails and just in time for sipping cocktails on the terrace, there’s a brand new spring cocktail menu set to be available mid-March!

This time, with a focus on sustainability and reducing waste, Alvarium has aimed to create as many ingredients as they can in-house.

Each cocktail comes with a brand new simplicity, named solely on the natural ingredient or flavour that the cocktail is based on. We’ve handpicked some of our favourites that we got to have a sneak peek at below…

This tiki-style cocktail is served long making it the perfect drink to enjoy the sunshine we keep being promised. Made by shaking Tanquery gin, Select Aperitivo, fresh nectarine juice, almond and a pinch of cinnamon all together to leave a punchy, sweet and deliciously fresh cocktail.


Perfect for anyone who extended their dry Jan to the rest of their days, this sweet, almost healthy cocktail, includes fresh strawberries, apple, lime, a homemade pomegranate cordial before being muddled, shaken and topped with soda.


MINT (£6.50)
Whether this one is made with mint or is just a really good northern drink, is up to you, personally I think it’s the latter. Shaking Bullet Bourbon, homemade pomegranate cordial, fresh mint sprigs and a dash of lemon. It’s tangy and fresh and the perfect way to move your wintery whiskey-drinking habits in summer.

A short, creamy cocktail (don’t worry – it IS vegan!) that is also very easy on the eye. I can picture the Instagram shoots now. Made by combining Tanquery No. 10 gin with Alvarium’s very own fruit & hibiscus shrub, lemon, sugar and an aquafaba foam. It’s definitely the kind of drink you’ll need at least two of, luckily there’s a happy hour including 2-4-1 cocktails on EVERY day.


Short and sour like every school’s bully, liquorice is made with Kettle One Vodka, fresh nectarine juice, homemade liquorice syrup and a squeeze of lemon. It’s foamy and tangy with an undertone of liquorice flavour.


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Alvarium, Manchester M4 1LU