A Swanky New Eco-Friendly Co-Working Space has just opened in Ardwick

Manchester has become a hub of creatives, the self-employed/freelance revolution has taken over the city and co-working spaces are more important than ever.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 27 June 2019

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Merging minds together in dynamic co-working spaces causes creative catalysts and fuels innovation for everyone involved.

Chuck in some bright wall murals, plenty of plants, comfy seating areas and a wide variety of working spaces and you’ve got Use.Space.

The brand spanking new co-working space has plenty of feminine designs to fuel inclusivity and plenty of botanicals to ensure a sustainable and fresh atmosphere.

The new venue, Use.Space boasts 134 spaces for curated groups of start-ups, established businesses from across a wide variety of industries.

The light-filled botanical atrium is filled with around 600 plants and will be a hub for members to meet, work and collaborate. There will also be a world food café, artisanal bakery and stylish meeting spaces.

The Greenhouse provides an oasis filled with an organic colour palette. It distracts users from the world coated in a blue tint, robotics and tech, breathing fresh air into one-to-one meetings. It’s the perfect sanctuary for unruffled concentration.

Use.Space is an ecosystem of breakout spaces available for focus work, a spot to rejuvenate or collaborate on idea sharing.

The Cafe hopes to be the heart of the space, just as the kitchen is to a home. There’ll be opportunities to debrief over donuts from Buzzy Bee Bakery, fresh fruit juice and artisan food and plenty of vegan and veggie options – all championing local produce.

Conscious decisions are being made to ensure the co-working space is inclusive, diverse and sustainable including 100 per cent plant-based and compostable plates, straws and cups.

The space has been designed with community well-being in mind as part of the Mayfield development. The regeneration of the area is quickly becoming one of the most important regeneration opportunities in the city. The campus is just 5 minutes from Piccadilly Station and hopes to boost the creative scene!

Use.Space, 31 Ardwick Green, Thirsk Street, Manchester M12 6PN