A Taste of Don Giovanni’s Italian Classics

We’ve pulled out the most traditional Italian dishes on Don Giovanni’s menu so you can get a taste of Italy down on Oxford Road! 

By Manchester's Finest | 25 June 2019

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To Start…

Bruschetta Pomodoro
An authentic antipasto that dates back to the 15th century, however, there are traces as far back as Ancient Rome to olive growers. Don Giovanni’s is served with a deliciously refreshing pesto drizzle, plenty of cherry vine tomatoes, red onion chunks and garlic.


A Caprese salad dates back to the 50s in the small Isle of Capri and exists on most Italian food menus around the world. Traditionally made with cow’s milk mozzarella, Don Giovanni’s use the heavily popularised American version with buffalo mozzarella, served with fresh tomatoes, chopped basil and coated with olive oil.


For Main…

Ravioli Aragosta
The famous little pasta envelopes date back as early as the 14th century. Don Giovanni’s luxurious lobster ravioli parcels are soaked with lashings of a rich and creamy lobster bisque and a hint of chilli.  


Pizza Primavera
A white pizza topped with mozzarella, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, peppers and a handful of spinach. Traditionally from Rome, white pizzas are thin, crispy crust topped with olive oil, garlic and cheese but strictly no tomato sauce.


To Finish…

Now a well-known dessert worldwide the coffee flavoured dessert, tiramisu literally means ‘pick me up’. Most accounts date its invention to the 60s in the area Veneto by confectioner Roberto Linguanotto. Don Giovanni’s added Ammeretto liquor to the homemade classic for a punchy twist.


Panna Cotta
Panna Cotta literally translates as ‘cooked cream’ and it is listed as a traditional dish of the Piedmont region. Historically served plain, Don Giovanni’s indulgent version sees homemade with cream & vanilla topped with a winter berry compote.

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