The Independent Manchester Book Shops Taking on Amazon

A new online bookshop is uniting local businesses to help survive the Amazon-threat.

By Alex Watson | 10 November 2020

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Thought Catalog/Unsplash

There’s a brand new online bookshop that is uniting local independent businesses and going all guns blazing to the big dogs.

While most of us have been struggling in lockdown, Amazon CEO, Jeff, amassed a further $24 billion just over a four-month period of lockdown.

If that doesn’t make you feel sick to your stomach I don’t know what will.  It simply can’t happen again in Lockdown 2.0 – that’s where Bookshop comes into it.


Bookshop, set up by writer Andy Hunter, allows independent bookshops to create their own virtual shopfront on the site where they receive the full profit margin (30% of the cover price) from each sale.

The site originally launched in January stateside where now over 900 stores use the site, selling £38k worth of books in February alone. 

Over 150 UK retailers have signed up to Bookshop and it’s predicted to be over 200 by the end of the year.

John Michael Thomson/Unsplash

Chorlton Bookshop, Stockport’s Simply Books and Urmston Bookshop are all already signed up to the shop meaning you can grab your Chrismas presents, support independents AND stick two fingers up to Jeff. Win-win.

Bookshop opened in the UK yesterday, raising over £11,000 for small retailers in less than 24 hours of work.

Check out Bookshop here.