The Weekly Drool #037 - Slow-Cooked Beef Fried Birria Tacos at Birria Taco Brothers

The king and queen of tacos...

By Alex Watson | Last updated 30 March 2021

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The Birria Brothers taco popped-up in the Northern Quarter down at The Koffee Pot serving up what is basically the king and queen of all tacos.

Hailing from Jalisco, Mexico, birria is a rich stew typically made of goat or lamb. It’s usually served with a consomé broth to dip the whole thing in and cure even the worst type of hangover.

The trend for this traditionally Mexican dish swept across America over the past couple of years and over the past year or so, TikTok got hold of the food.

And once TikTok gets it’s greasy paws on something – you know it’s going to go viral. From then on, the world has been pretty much obsessed with it.

The Birria Brothers is the first place to serve up this dish in Manchester and they’ve proved that popular that the queue on the first day was 3 hours long.

To kick off the dish, a shin of beef is cooked low and slow for eight hours before being place into soft corn tacos, stuffed with Oaxaca cheese and then the whole thing is fried.

Whilst it’s crisping up on the grill, more stew is poured over the top so the meaty goodness soaks up into the tortilla making them not only meatier but crisp up even more.

The taco is then served with a little pot of rich, spiced consommé (gravy to us) so that you can dip away to your heart’s content.

For now, Birria Taco Brothers is only open on Saturdays offering up a menu of three tacos: beef birria tacos, Cabrito goat tacos (special) and oyster mushroom birria tacos (vegan).

The team have been busy coming up with something new by combining the taco with dd’s Burgers, topping the whole thing with slow-cooked beef, cheese and jalapeño salsa. The burger is available THIS Saturday only from 11am to 5pm – but be quick.

If you fancy having a go at making one at home, they’ve even made DIY Taco Kits so everyone can get involved!


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