There's a New VEGAN Restaurant in the Northern Quarter

In case you've missed it, we're giving you a full run down of everything you can expect at Alvarium.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 8 November 2019

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First of all, Alvarium is tucked away on a side street just off Tib Street. And if you know how I feel about Tib Street (best street in Manchester), you’ll know that this is simply a welcomed addition.

Recently adding head chef, the MasterChef semi-finalist, Adam Leavy to make the garden sanctuary a vegan haven for both plant-based and meat-eaters. The menu is based around market-fresh ingredients, changing and adapting seasonally to create the perfect menu.

Translating into ‘beehive’, Alvarium has successfully created a spot worthy of Friday night cocktails and a sumptuous evening feast while simultaneously being a homage and celebration of Manchester.

The menu is set to change before December but until then, here’s what you can get your hands on and I recommend that you do

First up the steak alternative, Aubergine and Shiitake Steak (£9.50). Served with sweet apple, a hint of earl grey, fondant potato and spiralised courgette it’s the perfect plant-based alternative to a steak dinner.

Next up is the dedicated Sandwich Menu available at Alvarium. This King Oyster Mushroom Chorizo (£7) is spicy and chewy with a refreshing spring onion, lettuce, dukkah,a sprinkling of chilli and a light mint and pomegranate yoghurt. All served in a fluffy baguette style roll, it’s the perfect way to spice up any Average Joe sarnie.

The next dish which is an absolutely must try, especially if you’re not vegan and have never tried banana blossom is the Roasted Banana Blossom dish (£9.50). The tender edible flower is from the same plant as bananas except blossom comes with a slight crunch and a flavour similar to artichoke.

This dish is served with a pea and mint purée splatter, Nori an edible seaweed and rosemary scraps.

And finally, a sweet and tangy dish featuring Romanesco Cauliflower (£9) served with sweet n’ sour peppers, pickled onion udon and 5 spice.

And of course, Alvarium have a fantastic array of Vegan Cocktails to choose from and they’re on a 2-4-1 happy hour (great news all round). It’s available Sunday – Friday, 4pm – 8pm.


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Alvarium, Manchester M4 1LU