Top 5 Instagram Artists Accounts to Follow according to Universal Tomorrow

From diamond dealers to meme accounts, this one's got it all...

By Manchester's Finest | 11 June 2020

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jerrygogosian is quite possibly the best Instagram page I follow. It has a simple purpose: mock the pretentiousness of the art world. Lover or not, most people will agree the art world can be elitist, something I strongly disagree with. So when I see memes about the ridiculousness of private jets and not so unique collections, I can’t help but smile. The account name even pays homage to the most successful art dealer in the world, Larry Gagosian. I never thought I’d be one to recommend a meme page, but this one is special and makes me laugh out loud most days.


@larrys_list is an account devoted to incredible interiors, hanging equally incredible art. I started following the page about three years ago when they posted an image from a client’s home. They regularly post (which is always nice), a wide range of artwork from artist from all walks of life. Whether you like the artwork or not, you can always trust the interiors are exceptional, so if you’re looking for some inspiration for your new living room or office, this page is a great starting point.


This is the personal account of Beirut diamond dealer and art collector Nazem Ahmed. Nazem is what art-folk would call a ‘tastemaker’ (or influencer), which means people follow them to keep up-to-date with hot artist. He consistently posts three images a day, all from one artist, showing who he is following and in some cases collecting. I really enjoy following the page, it’s a great insight to the art world and specifically the area of mid-career artists breaking into the major leagues.


A page dedicated to Facebooks ‘Artist in Residency” program, which started in the company’s headquarters in 2012 and has since expanded globally. The page presents the murals and installations they’ve organised in their offices, of which represent an almost perfect ratio of male to female and similar with emerging to established artist. The curator has a great eye and I have come across some amazing artists over the years, as well seen some beautiful work.


One of the first Instagram accounts I ever followed. It was founded by a group of young collectors to educate, empower and inspire emerging young collectors, connoisseurs and creators. To put it simply, these guys are young and are all about the hype! They get early access to all the hot artist, new trainer drops and anything to do with fashion collaborations. If you want to know what the cool kids are doing, this is the page to follow.