This Weekend Only at Erst: Organic Wines & Pork Collar

There are some amazing organic wines, red and white, available at Erst for this weekend only!

By Alex Watson | 6 September 2019

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As you know, Erst has a quickly rotating menu with seasonal produce fresh from the market each week. That means, no two visits are ever the same and you don’t always know what to expect – other than its definitely going to blow you away.

Luckily for us, a little birdie has told us the wines that are available this weekend. 

There are 2 new organic wines from the Ardèche region in France using Grenache and Chardonnay Grape. The first, La Mazel Cuvée Charbonnières Ardèche is an off-dry Chardonnay with a little spritz.

This wine is textured, vinous and heaving with tropical fruit flavours. It’s set to perfectly accompany cheeses, roast chicken and even fiery and spice dishes. Essentially, this wine can stand up to anything you pair it with, making it the perfect weekend companion.

Next, is the La Mazel Vin de Soif a semi-carbonic Grenache wine. Made with a spicy and red fruit, expect notes of allspice and clove and bright acidity. Pairs perfectly with meat, particularly a plate of fatty meats. Still, this is a light and easy-drinking rouge perfect for anybody.

The wines available by the glass this weekend are fresh from their sell-out event this week with Jonah Meyer. First up is a red blend, Syrah. It’s big, bold and will definitely demand your attention. There’s plenty of dark fruits on the nose making it a wonderfully elegant and seductive red.

And finally a Chenin Blanc made in a new wave minimal interventionalist style, the Chenin wine has become fashionable. Expect an energetic and light, thirst-quenching apéritif with notes of pear and apples. This wine pairs perfectly with salads, fish and shellfish. So, fingers crossed Erst have some of those famous Oysters left eh?!

Of course, that’s not everything, we’ve got an extra sneak peek into a dish available this weekend!

The Pork Collar and Nectarine dish. Beginning with a simple olive oil, garlic, rosemary and fish sauce the Saddleback Pork meat is marinated for a few hours before being grilled and basted with pig trotter stock. Served with blood nectarine and a good sprinkling of capers this dish promises to be meaty and fresh.


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