Weekend Walks: Styal Country Park

This walk sees a combination of crossing fields and fumbling through forests...

By Alex Watson | Last updated 27 July 2022

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It’s a bit like We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, but you’re in Cheshire and the scary noises are Airbuses flying overhead.

Starting off at the visitor’s reception Giant’s Castle Walk is about a 6km circular walk.

You’ll find yourself trekking through stunning forests and over the River Bollin. Keep your eyes peeled for buzzards and herons flying through the trees!

The walk is mostly signposted and you’ll find it pretty difficult to get lost once you’ve set off.

Once you reach Styal Cross you can visit Norcliffe Chapel on your right or go forth with the walk, taking the left path and continuing on into the forest and the stunning canopy of greenery.

Quickly you’ll find yourself going up the first batch of stairs up the hill before coming back down again to join back up to walk along the river.

There’s a fair whack of stairs throughout the entire walk and a couple of pretty bridges as you criss-cross over the river Bollin a couple of times.

As you arrive at Oxbow Bridge, cross over the river and turn immediately left and head down the Acorn Steps. You’ll then find yourself at Giant’s Castle Bridge which you’ll cross and climb some more steep steps.

The path then ventures along the cliff edge before descending back down into the woods.

You’ll do a few more of these up steps and down steps before reaching a kissing gate and leaving the woodland path, turning right up the steep bridleway towards Manchester Airport.

Head down ‘old’ Altrincham Road until you reach Styal village car park and can head back to the visitor’s reception from there.

You can carry on a little more and head into Quarry Bank Mill where you can soak up a bit more history if you’ve got the time.

See the map.