The Weekly Drool #005 - Banana & Nutella Pancakes at Home Sweet Home

I challenge you to name something better than Breakfast Dessert.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 17 September 2019

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Brunch is the best thing to come out of this century, let’s be honest. Something we all need to give a special thanks to is pancakes. In particular, American style big fluffy slabs of batter that come piled high with a heart-attack-inducing amount of syrup. Just how we like it. 

It’s like the gods gave us the gift of eating sweets for breakfast as an adult and getting away with it. 

The best way to enjoy Pancakes though is as a breakfast dessert. And by that I mean, still have your bagel and your avo’s but get the pancakes for after; to share if you’re feeling generous.

We bobbed down to Home Sweet Home, known (exactly as the name suggests) for home-comfort food and so much sugar we’ve all been buzzing since it opened. 

The fluffy and seriously squishy pancakes so soft you could sleep on them were piled 3 layers high and served with one of the greatest cereals sprinkled on top – Golden Graham’s Cinnamon Crunch.

And yep, that is the cereal that you absolutely loved as a kid, crunched up and sprinkled over the top to add a crispy bite to an otherwise soft and fluffy dish. 

There’s a big whippy cream pile and thinly sliced banana with lashings and I mean LASHINGS of Nutella and salted caramel sauce.

Lastly, all you need to do is add as mush Maple syrup as you can stomach and you’ve got the best breakfast dessert in all the land.


Nutella & Banana Pancakes @ Home Sweet Home

Available: all day
Cost: £9.50

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