The Weekly Drool #013 - The Lane Closer at Dog Bowl

A colossal burger for a BIG appetite. This bad boy has everything!

By Ben Brown | 5 November 2019

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Packed with all of your favourite food groups, the Lane Closer (£14) at Dog Bowl is enough to satisfy all big appetites – with a combination of plenty of meat, cheese and LOADS of sauces.

It certainly looks the part, but what’s between those two buns?

Well, you’ll get 3 (yes 3!) 100% beef patties, there’s a big pile of Pulled Pork, cheesesalad and Tater tots on there. They then add some tangy BBQ sauce and then pour cheese sauce all over the bloody thing.

Finally, a cheeky little slider is added to the top – as if you’ve not got enough meat and bread already!

This bad boy is perfect alongside a few games of bowling (mostly because you probably can’t finish it quick enough for just one game) and is actually a good size for sharing – should you be one of those people who let others eat their food.


The Lane Closer

Venue: Dog Bowl
Date: Available all-day, every day
Cost: £14

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