Where to drink in Manchester for dry January

Ditching the booze for a bit this January? We've got you covered...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 5 January 2023

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Have you spent the past two weeks with a constant hangover that’s only been cured by cracking open yet another bottle of Bailey’s? Yeah, us too, so it looks like dry January might be in order.

If you’ve already decided to ditch the bars for the gym across the month, you deserve a medal. However, if avoiding the pubs altogether will most likely be an arduous task, there’s loads of Manchester bars offering alcohol free options and booze-less beers for a very sober night out.

From Cinnamon Martinis at Blinker to 0% draught lager at Feel Good Club, we’ve put together our top picks for a hangover-free start to 2023.

View the full list of bars to hit for dry January in Manchester below.

The ‘Temperance’ Menu at Schofield’s

Prepared with the same love, care and affection as their truly outstanding (boozy) cocktails, Schofield’s Temperance Menu features four classics re-created without the alcohol. So there’s the Virgin Mary, a Frosty Toddy and a rose and grapefruit concoction called ‘Dove’. The best though is ‘Club Tropicana’ – pineapple, passion fruit, Earl Grey, orange flower water and lemon.

The Teetotal Espresso Martini at Dishoom

As well as serving up some of the best food you’ll find in Manchester, Dishoom has a stellar line up of teetotal tipples that make the restaurant a must-visit if you’re doing dry Jan, or aiming to carry on the booze ban throughout the year. From a Sober Negroni, to a Rumless Mojito and a Teetotal Espresso Martini- which is an absolute MUST try – Dishoom has you covered!

AF Pale Ale at Seven Bro7hers

Seven Bro7hers is another bar and brewery known for its experimentation with different flavours and brewing techniques, its ‘Peanut Butter on a Jaffa Cake’ stout being a personal favourite of mine. Their fame and popularity in the world of beer enthusiasts meant it was inevitable that the brothers would put their skills to the test to come up with an alcohol-free alternative to their infamous booze. The brewery launched its AF Pale Ale, a hoppy craft ale a couple of weeks ago, just in time for dry Jan.

The Virgin Pornstar at The Alchemist

Scientists or bartenders? It’s hard to tell when your cocktail arrives on fire at the Alchemist, but, they do do an outstanding line-up of alcohol free drinks to quench your thirst and leave you bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day, too. Some of the 0% highlights include; the CBD Spritz, Bubblygum, Cos-No and the Virgin Pornstar.

Virgin Pinã Colada at Canto

Ancoat’s favourite tapas joint, Canto is popular come rain or shine, providing the folk of Manchester with delicious mediterranean dishes and some great drinks to accompany the food. Its alcohol-free line up includes a Virgin Pinã Colada that comes with pineapple, coco real, lime juice and sugaro, as well as a Fruit Punch and Basil Limonata, all delightfully refreshing!

Pineapple and Yuzu Soda at Cloudwater

Manchester’s famous Cloudwater brewery not only offers a gorgeous range of beers, but provides a selection of sodas to satisfy your taste buds and steer you away from the monotonous soft drinks of dry Jan. The brand offers a Pineapple and Yuzu soda made with Motueka Hops and a Mango Sour soda with Citra Hops, which you can enjoy sitting in at the brewery, or to take home.

The Baby Grey at 20 Stories

20 Stories has some amazing non-alcoholic cocktails on offer all year round if you’re wanting to experience the heights, but maybe not so dizzily. The round-up includes the Baby Grey, made using Caleño Dark, Earl Grey, lemon and Fever Tree soda – what the bar describes as “elegant in its visual and mature in its pallet”.

0% Coconut and Lychee Martini at Evelyn’s

Known for its health-conscious approach to drinking and dining, Evelyn’s of course has a cracking menu of non-alcoholic alternatives. The tee-total tipples include the Café Anglais, Verjus Spritz and 0% Coconut and Lychee Martini made using Tanqueray 0%, coconut, lychee and citric acid.

Cinnamon Martini at Blinker

Made with a blend of Everleaf Forest, cinnamon, pineapple and lime, Blinker’s Cinnamon Martini is the perfect AF winter cocktail that’ll see you through a whole 31 days of no booze. The bar also offers a Adios Tommy, which is its own take on a sober Margarita and a Zero Americano that’s made using Amarico Analcolico, raspberry shrub, soda and orange.

Alchohol-FREE beer from Manchester Breweries at General Stores

You’ll now find a General Store in a fair few Manchester hotspots. Ancoats has one, Salford, Media City, Deansgate, Castlefield and Moss Side all benefit from its array of beautiful beers, too, and its line up has some great alcohol-free offerings. You’ll find Salford-based brewery, First Chop’s All Day IPA, Tiny Rebel’s teetotal Clwb Tropicana and Beavertown’s Lazer Crush 0.3% IPA, amongst many others

Shisha & Mocktails at Zouk

Zouk is another great place for cocktails this Jan! The restaurant serves a huge list of drinks, with many classics on there served without the alcohol. They’ve got a Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, as well as some original mixes including the Watermelon Crush and Berrytini, made with crushed berries, fresh lime and sugar syrup. Let’s also not forget the Shisha Lounge outside – perfect if you’re not having a drink.

Late Night Coffee, Stuzzichini & Mocktails at Haunt

Haunt has been a welcome addition to Peter Street ever since it opened its doors back in August 2021! The gorgeous bar and coffee jaunt has 70s downtown New York vibes, dimly lit and plastered with pictures of Grace Jones – and it’s great if you’re avoiding the booze, too. As well as its range of coffees, pastries and stuzzichini (finger food to you and me), Haunt offers an amazing selection of alcohol-free cocktails including its Temperance Temptress, made with 0% Tanqueray, blackcurrant and citrus.

Arcade Games & AF Cocktails at NQ64

It’s likely that you’ll be even better at all of the games at NQ64 if you’re sober – so maybe even get the betting slips out and make yourself some money battering all of the piss heads. The bar is running a happy hour Monday – Friday 4pm – 7pm throughout January, alongside a January special menu with a couple of drinks that can be made boozy or ‘clean’.

0% DRAUGHT beer at Feel Good Club

Manchester’s feel good gurus and most positive pals have a 0% beer available on draught not just this January, but all year round. If you’re after something other than a booze-free fruity cocktail or bottled beer that’s lost its fizz by the third sip, then Feel Good Club are pouring pints of Brooklyn Brewery’s 0.4% Special Effects Hoppy Lager to quench your thirst.

Alcohol-Free Fizz at Cork of the North

Cork of the North has two outposts in the swish suburbs of Heaton Moor and Sale. You’ll find a massive wall of wine in each, with friendly staff on hand to help you navigate from Amarone to Zibbibo unscathed. As well as this, the Heaton Moor store offers a booze-less bottle of Cava with a pale yellow colour, soft and pleasant entry and tropical aromas.

The Low and No Alcohol menu at North Bar

Circle Square’s craft beer haven, North Bar has launched a low and no alcohol menu for those ditching the booze this January. You’ll find everything from a 0% mango and guava pale ale to an alcohol-free wheat beer and a menu of mocktails featuring a Winter Punch, Oolong Lemonade and Apple and Ginger Mule.