Zouk Creates Manchester’s Hottest Curry for National Chilli Day

It’s National Chilli Day on the 24th Feb and Zouk have created Manchester’s Hottest Curry to celebrate.

By Emma Davidson | 22 February 2022

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I’m not a big fan of spice. The hottest curry I can handle is a Bhuna, and even then I need to have a pint of milk perched next to my plate and an ice cream finisher. Not because of the spice, I’m just a greedy pig.

Growing up, my Dad would always scour the menu of our local Indian takeaway for the hottest curry on the list. On arrival, it’d usually be blood red with a row of finely sliced chillies sat on top, and he’d sit sweating buckets attempting to finish the dish, while trying to convince us all how good it tasted. 

Thursday 24th February sees National Chilli Day celebrated worldwide, and Zouk have created Manchester’s hottest curry to commemorate the event (Yay?). 

The Carolina Reaper Karahi (£14.95) is made with a Carolina Reaper, which is currently regarded as one of the hottest chillies in the world. It consists of 3 cooked Carolina Reaper chillies, 2 dried Carolina Reaper chillies and a jar of pulped chillies. I’ve just contracted a stomach ulcer from reading that.  

You’ll also have to sign a disclaimer stating that Zouk will take no responsibility for any issues caused by eating it. A bit like when you’re about to get a heart transplant or something.

The dish comes served with rice and naan and, if you manage to finish the dish without dying, you’ll get it for free (along with a well-needed bowl of ice cream) and will also win a complimentary Sunday roast platter for 2 at Zouk worth £50.

You have half an hour to finish the curry and it has to be finished by YOU and only you, no cheating is allowed. That means no throwing it over your shoulder or giving some to your mate to gobble down.

It’s subject to availability, meaning there’ll only be a very limited number of portions available – probably about 50 and once it’s gone it’s gone.

Booking in advance is essential if you want to claim the Sunday platter prize! Your email will be taken and you’ll be contacted with instructions on how to book in and claim your prize. Unfortunately, there is no cash alternative and the prize can be claimed on Sundays only between 12-5pm when the roast is available.

If your stomach is made of pure steel and this sounds like an easy ride for you, you can book yourself a table below.


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