An Evening with... the World's Worst Serial Killers?!

If you know your Zodiac from your BTK - this is the evening for you...

By Manchester's Finest | 29 March 2021

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It was around 2 years ago when the big wigs over at Netflix realised that people are absolutely obsessed with true crime. It took them a while but since this discovery – they’ve managed to cram as much stuff on there about murderers, kidnappers and proper psychopaths as possible – and we just lap it up.

I don’t know what it is about these absolute scum bags but people just want to know everything about them – the often horrendous crimes they committed and exactly what made them do the things they did.

And this isn’t just something that’s exclusive to the States either, over here, and indeed in this very region – we’ve had the worst serial killers who have ever lived. I mean, remember Harold Shipman?

During this event; ‘The Psychology Of Serial Killers‘, expert Jennifer Rees will discover and discuss all you need to know about the world’s most notorious serial killers – from the BTK Killer (Bind, Torture, Kill) to Son of Sam to The Moors Murderers.

Jennifer will also debunk common serial killer myths, discuss the difference between male and female serial killers and also examine the phenomenon of ‘killer couples’ such as Fred & Rose West and Ian Brady & Myra Hindley.

One of the most intriguing occurrences with serial killers is the female infatuation that many of them receive, and therefore Jennifer will also look at why women fall in love with them, and discuss clinical knowledge surrounding why serial killers gain admirers, fan mail and even spouses.

This interesting and extensive talk will take place this July at the Bowler’s Exhibition Centre and is a must for any fans of true crime…


The Psychology Of Serial Killers

Dates: Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd July
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Cost: £19 + booking fee

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