Antwerp Mansion is back open again! For... theatre?!

An eclectic rock ‘n’ talk show returns to the iconic venue this November...

By Manchester's Finest | 28 October 2020

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Antwerp Mansion back in the day was mega. The place was a mess, it was dodgy AF and the bogs were absolutely bloody vile – but it was almost impossible not to have a fucking fantastic night in there and it was a dark day in the city when it was finally forced to close.

The venue itself has kind of limped along for a few years now, offering up bookable space for conferences, meetings, band practice or the occasional ghost tour, but this November it’s opening its doors once again with a theatre and music performance from ConeBoy.

ConeBoy is, basically, an eclectic rock ‘n’ talk show about a boy, born in 1980, made famous due to his appearance and the resultant collateral damage to him and his family. The piece has been created by Clive Parker Sharp, founder member of 1980s rock group Big Country and member in a number of punk rock groups such as The Members and Spizz Energi.

As an author, Clive now brings his second novel to Antwerp Mansion this Friday 20th November as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2020. This ‘punk-rock musical’ promises a mash-up of drama, spoken word and music.

It might be a far cry from the former ‘glory days’ of Antwerp Mansion, but it looks set to be a decent bit of performance art and hopefully – those toilets will be much better.


ConeBoy @ Antwerp Mansion

Date: Friday 20th November
Time: 3pm & 8pm
Cost: £10

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