The Chapeltown Picture House returns with Horror Classics this Halloween weekend

The iconic independent cinema and performance space is back (with a new permanent address)

By Ben Brown | 27 October 2020

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Following a relocation to GRUB at Red Bank, the Chapeltown Picture House is set to reopen on Friday 30th October with a horror program for Halloween weekend.

The selection consists of horror classics and cult favourites: ​Mandy, The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue, The Thing,​ and ​Scream​. Situated in the top floor of GRUB, the new Chapeltown Picture House features a space that can be adapted for film screenings, video game sessions, live podcast recordings, comedy shows, talks, and more.

The Picture House has several measures in place to give guests peace of mind regarding Covid-19. These measures include commercial-grade AeraMax Pro air purifiers, socially distanced seating, a one-way entry and exit system, and a fully contactless and cashless ordering experience for drinks and popcorn.

Halloween at the Chapeltown Picture House takes place at GRUB on Friday 30 October, Saturday 31 October, and Sunday 1 November…

Friday 30th October @ 8.30pm
An ethereal, strange, unsettling experience that manages to take a particularly violent Nicholas Cage-Rage and make it last for approximately 45 minutes. It’s surprisingly excellent and quite possibly his best film for 15 years.

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The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue
Saturday 31st October @ 6pm
I’ve never seen this one but it’s strangely a Spanish-Italian horror movie set in Windermere and Barnes Hospital near Cheadle – which is scary enough in real life – never mind with added zombies.

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The Thing
Saturday 31st October @ 8.30pm
Arguably John Carpenter’s best film and easily peak Kurt Russell, The Thing is set in Antarctica and involves an alien that can shapeshift and become anyone or anything it touches.

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Sunday 1st November @ 4pm
The ultimate post-modern slasher film slasher film, Scream takes all of the tropes that make horror films so good and flips them on their head – basically by using them itself. It’s iconic and has become a true modern classic.

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The space includes a 4K projector, powered by a top-of-the-line gaming PC with an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card at its heart, ensuring the ultimate gaming experience on the big screen or in VR.

“We’re really excited to bring people together at the cinema” says Tobias Soar, Picture House Manager “but in a safe way, of course! Going to the cinema always helps me escape reality for 90 minutes — and I know we can provide that for cinemagoers in a safe environment.”


Chapeltown Picture House, 50 Red Bank, Manchester, M4 4HF​