The Terrifying Drive-in Cinema with Live Actors & Halloween Classics

ScareCity includes a horror film and a drive-through 'Scare Tunnel' with live actors...

By Manchester's Finest | 12 October 2021

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ScareCity is an immersive drive-in cinema event that even features live actors lurking in the shadows, ready to give you the fright of your life.

The cinema will be showcasing the world’s scariest films on the big screen and you can watch all from the comfort of your own car. The only catch is the ‘scare tunnel’ you’ll have to drive through first.

Once – and if – you successfully make it through, you can park up for a night relaxing evening watching Annabelle.

All the classics are on the line up like The Ring, The Conjuring and even the terrifying It will be shown.

Plus if you’re kids like spooky films, there are plenty of kid-friendly films too like Coraline, Hocus Pocus and Coco.


Friday 8th October
9:00pm: Insidious

Saturday 9th October
3:00pm: Coco
6:00pm: The Babadook
9:00pm: A Quiet Place Part II

Sunday 10th October
3:00pm: Hocus Pocus
6:00pm: Evil Dead (2013)
9:00pm: Annabelle Comes Home

Wednesday 13th October
9:00pm: The Witch

Thursday 14th October
9:00pm: Get Out

Friday 15th October
9:00pm: Insidious Chapter 2

Saturday 16th October
3:00pm: Hotel Transylvania 3
6:00pm: Cabin Fever (2016)
9:00pm: The Ring

Sunday 17th October
3:00pm: Scoob
6:00pm: Annabelle: Creation
9:00pm: Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

Wednesday 20th October
9:00pm: The Nun

Thursday 21st October
9:00pm: Insidious Chapter 3

Friday 22nd October
9:00pm: Exorcist

Saturday 23rd October
3:00pm: Monster House
6:00pm: The Woman In Black
9:00pm: The Grudge

Sunday 24th October
3:00pm: The Addams Family (2019)
6:00pm: The Strangers
9:00pm: Hostel

Wednesday 27th October
9:00pm: It Comes At Night

Thursday 28th October
9:00pm: Orphan

Friday 29th October
9:00pm: Quarantine

Saturday 30th October
3:00pm: The Witches (2020)

Sunday 31st October
3:00pm: The Nightmare Before Christmas
6:00pm: Evil Dead (2013)
6:00pm: The Ring
9:00pm: Blair Witch
9:00pm: Halloween 2018


Scare City 2.0

Dates: Until Sunday 31st October
Cost: £44.50 per car
Venue: Power League Soccer Drome, Trafford

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