There's a Bottomless Boozy Lion King Sing-Along Screening coming to Manchester!

I'll try my best not to litter this article with Lion King puns and songs - but it's hard so Be Prepared.

By Ben Brown | 2 July 2019

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Combining everything that makes the internet explode into a million little pieces, someone has reached into a hat of buzz words and come up with this – a Bottomless Boozy Lion King Sing-Along Screening at The Mint Lounge and I’m not going to lie – that person has done incredibly well!

Taking place on Saturday 13th July, the screening will feature bottomless booze throughout, as well as bottomless popcorn to soak it all up. All for just £30 per person.

The film doesn’t need any introduction from me – it’s an absolute Disney classic and has been a staple in every kid’s VHS/DVD/LaserDisc collection since its release.

A re-imagining of Hamlet but using lions instead of Danish blokes, the story of little Simba avenging his father’s murder at the hands of his uncle Scar might seem a little heavy for kids but if you add a farting pig and a loud mouthed meerkat – all is fine.


The Lion King Sing-Along Screening
with bottomless booze and popcorn

Venue: The Mint Lounge
Date: Saturday 13th July
Time: 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm, 7.30pm
Cost: £30pp

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