Kimpton Clocktower Hotel & George House Trust Present a Unique Charity Auction

Kimpton Clocktower Hotel and charity partner George House Trust are currently displaying digital prints from the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt in memory of lives lost to the AIDS epidemic.

By Emma Davidson | 10 February 2022

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UK AIDS Memorial Quilt

Following the exclusive Quilts Exhibition, which was launched on World Aids Day 2021 at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, George House Trust is auctioning off these displays to support people living with HIV, and challenging the stigma that surrounds it.

The UK AIDS Memorial Quilt is a precious artefact and a unique document of social history – last year also marked 40 years since the first report of HIV and AIDS. Each of the panel displayed at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel commemorates the lives lost to the AIDS pandemic during the 1980s and 90s.

The exhibition is a public naming of loved ones lost, and a memorial for the many who died and went unnamed, too.

These quilts are part of an international movement that sought to raise awareness of the impact of the AIDS pandemic, to ensure that these lives would never be forgotten and are preserved by UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Partnership, a coalition of charities dedicated to raising awareness of the quilt, its importance in our history and to restore and conserve the quilt for generations to come.

All 37 of these framed digital prints will be auctioned off as the exhibition is coming to an end on Sunday 27th February. All proceeds will go directly to George House Trust, to support their work inspiring people living with HIV to live healthy, confident lives.

Darren Knight, Chief Executive at George House Trust, said: “It’s fantastic to be working with Kimpton Clocktower Hotel to auction the prints of the quilts in Manchester. The stories told, the lives lost and the commitment to remembrance are poignant and important. As we reflect, it’s also vital that we look ahead with hope because HIV has changed since the time the quilts were lovingly made.

“Today, with early diagnosis and treatment, George House Trust inspires people to live healthy and confident lives with HIV and we work to ensure everyone knows their HIV history and support everyone to play a role in knowing the facts and tackling stigma.

“Bidding on these unique framed photos will not only support people living with HIV and the work of George House Trust, but also provide much needed funds for the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Partnership to preserve the quilts, which are pieces of our shared HIV history.”

Johan Scheepers, General Manager of Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, said: “We are very proud to have displayed, for the first time, a series of digital prints from the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt with our charity partner, George House Trust.”

“To further raise awareness and affect positive change in the fight against HIV and break down the stigma that remains in society, we will be donating these prints to be auctioned off by George House Trust and all funds to go directly in supporting those affected by HIV.”


Online bidding started on Monday 7th February and ends on Sunday 27th February. Link to bid here: