Last chance to experience Mr Brainwash's artistic rebellion in Hale 

The exhibition in Hale by the French street artist who skyrocketed to fame following Banksy's 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' documentary, concludes on 12 July.

By Manchester's Finest | 11 July 2023

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French street artist Mr Brainwash, famously known from the documentary ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’, has been creating an artistic frenzy in Hale with his first exhibition in the North of England at Clarendon Fine Art. Time, however, is quickly running out to experience this fusion of street and pop art, with the exhibition coming to a close tomorrow, 12 July.

Since launching last week, the exhibition has given an intimate glimpse into Mr Brainwash’s world that has enthralled international audiences since his explosive appearance in Banksy’s 2010 documentary. The film’s portrayal of his artistry — a game-changing fusion of positivity, rebellion, and cultural commentary — has since shaped his reputation and amplified his global impact.

Image: Clarendon Fine Art

As Mr Brainwash’s exclusive UK gallery representative, Clarendon Fine Art has welcomed the opportunity to introduce the artist’s transformative work to Hale. CEO Helen Swaby has lauded the exhibition as a demonstration of Mr Brainwash’s unique ability to challenge cultural norms and infuse them with a sense of hope.

Beyond the confines of the gallery, Mr Brainwash’s influence has extended to global icons such as Madonna, Rick Ross, and Michael Jackson, who have had their album covers designed by him. Collaborations with brands like Mercedes-Benz, figures like the Beckhams, initiatives by Michelle Obama, and even Pope Francis’ Scholas youth organisation, further attest to the expansive reach of his artistry.

Clarendon Fine Art’s collection includes an array of never-before-seen original works and two groundbreaking limited editions, ‘vandalised’ canvases, neon mirror pieces, and painted balloon sculptures. Each piece has been crafted for the discerning UK market, offering a chance to experience this unique, hope-infused rebellion before it moves on.