Levenshulme’s Diverse Community to be Celebrated Through a New Exhibition at Station South

Artist James Hartwell will showcase the people of places of the suburb through his intricate drawings and portraits.

By Emma Davidson | 15 August 2022

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Taking place at Levenshulme’s new cycle café and bar destination, Station South, James Hartwell, a Manchester-based artist, will showcase a brand-new collection of work titled ‘Levy – Views From The Neighbourhood’.

The new collection of drawings from the artist features a large illustrated map of a section of Stockport Road with familiar faces and local places, such as Levenshulme Market and Levenshulme runners.


It will make its debut at the café on Friday 19th August at 7pm and will run until Thursday 8th September – with all the artwork showcased also able to be bought. It’s James’ first public exhibition of his work that’s mainly centred on building and landscape sketches. 

His belief as an artist is that it’s impossible to capture the same spirit of a place via a photograph than it is through the personal and detailed medium of hand drawings. 

Each piece is drawn in pen and further detailed using varying line thickness, which is then heightened by vivid colour, patterns and texture helping to bring life and vibrancy to each piece. 

Station South’s historic venue serves as a fitting setting to explore the exhibition that holds the community at its crux. The bar and café is set right of the Fallowfield Loop and has been restored to its former glory via a team of dedicated community volunteers. 

It now boasts a cafe and bar serving up teas and coffees, alongside craft beers from local breweries, and food, as well as a bike repair workshop and a packed calendar of events.   


Levy – Views From The Neighbourhood

Date: Friday 19th August – Thursday 8th September
Venue: Station South
Price: FREE

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