Manchester Makers: 5 Ways To Make Lockdown More Bearable, Whilst Supporting Locals

5 makers whose offerings are guaranteed to cheer you up during lockdown 2.0; from everyday must-haves, to some less essential but much-needed treats to make time spent at home feel far more enjoyable.

By Manchester's Finest | 22 November 2020

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Kat Wood

Handmade in the Peak District from pure beeswax, Kat makes those twisted candles everyone’s going wild for. She also makes beautiful wool planters, and everything is made from by-products from her family’s farm. So if you’re looking for some homeware additions to spruce up your space now that we’re spending more time than ever indoors, look no further.

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Even if we’re all stuck at home most of the time, why not make your trips to the supermarket more exciting and wear one of Uva’s cute gingham face masks? Uva also make the most adorable tote bags in gingham, velvet and towelling materials; great for carrying all your shopping home.

Visit Uva’s shop

Considered Magazine

Whilst we can’t travel at the moment, Manchester’s most exceptionally curated print magazine – Considered – have got you covered; transporting you from far-flung destinations like Vietnam, to a rural retreat in Norfolk. In Volume 3 of the bi-annual magazine, they also share tips for skincare and self-care, shopping pre-loved pieces, and delve into discussions of sustainability in agriculture. If 2020 has taught up anything, it might be that slowing down isn’t always a bad thing, which is at the core of the magazine’s ethos.


Victoria Ceramics

Victoria’s colourful ceramics are the ultimate pick-me-up for lockdown blues, and for her next shop update (21st November) she’s created some new, functional pieces like this gorgeous soap dish, which she hopes will make the mundane activities that bit more enjoyable whilst we’re stuck at home.

Visit Victoria Ceramics’ store

Blossom Coffee

If you can’t make it out to your favourite coffee shop, then Blossom Coffee will definitely fill the void. A fairly new addition to Manchester’s roastery scene, they offer a selection of espresso and filter roasts with the intention of providing something for everyone in terms of flavour profiles and brewing techniques.