Manchester Street Art is the Most Instagrammed in the North right now

Manchester's street art is now the most documented on Instagram with over 31k posts to date.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 28 August 2019

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I think it’s pretty clear to anyone who takes a stroll around the Northern Quarter any time of the day that street art is immensely popular in Manchester, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon either.

Manchester welcomes street art with open arms, as seen most recently ith the incorporation of the Out House Project (seen in Stevenson Square) and so with pieces changing so frequently, which pieces are getting the most attention?

A survey conducted by TransPennine Express has uncovered the 10 most popular pieces in the city…

Further research into the street artists that are Instagrammed the most finds in the north shows that Manchester-based artists Nomad Clan and Akse placed second and fifth, once again highlighting the strength of the Manchester expressionist art scene. The Tyger and Liam Gallagher also make the top five most Instagrammed pieces.

When asked about his Instagram success graffiti artist Akse, who is based in Manchester, said;

“I think it’s the subjects I paint which are the main reason why people love to take pictures of my artwork; the quality of my portraits (likeness and fine details) probably contribute to their ‘Instagrammability’.”

For a full list of all of the findings, check out the link below:

Street Art Tables