Manchester Urban Sketcher Len Grant presents: The Burton Road Sketchbook

For the last couple of years local sketcher Len Grant has been sketching his way down Burton Road between Withington and West Didsbury...

By Manchester's Finest | 4 July 2022

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Over those years he’s documented dog groomers, bicycle mechanics, pizza chefs and even a bakery making over 400 naan breads each day. His sketches include many of the independent delis, cafe bars and restaurants that make this part of town one of the most popular in south Manchester.

Now he’s putting all his work together in a 96-page hardback book and has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the cost of printing. “I’m hoping those who know and love Burton Road will pre-order a copy”, says 62-year-old Len, “so I can make the book a reality.”

If the funds come in The Burton Road Sketchbook will be printed in the autumn ready for Christmas.

As well as Len’s sketches, the book will feature work by his 27-year-old daughter Rebecca, who took up sketching after attending a workshop run by her dad. “She has such a creative flair,” says Len, “she makes drawing look effortless.”

This is Len’s second published sketchbook. In 2018 he made The Rusholme Sketcher after a year-long blog of the same name. “I spent my evenings and weekends sitting on the street and in takeaways and shisha bars. It was definitely the inspiration for The Burton Road Sketchbook.”


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