Manchester's Whitworth Reacts to Climate Emergency by Banning Farmed Salmon

It's all down to Eco-Art Activists Cooking Sections...

By Manchester's Finest | 29 September 2021

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The Whitworth is embarking on a new partnership with Cooking Sections (Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe) as part of the duo’s Turner Prize 2021 exhibition.

The collective will support a long-term process to help transform the food offered at cultural institutions across the UK into a menu that addresses the climate emergency.

‘Becoming CLIMAVORE’ enables the Whitworth to catalyse and transform people’s desires and habits, engaging society in a collective long-term process which will re-imagine existing food justice models and create new ones in face of the climate emergency.

In this way, the Turner Prize exhibition can be experienced at the Whitworth’s café by people across the UK as well as in Coventry itself, where the exhibition is being held.

Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe

The first step in Becoming CLIMAVORE is to remove farmed salmon from menus.

The second step sees Cooking Sections work to create new CLIMAVORE dishes in collaboration with the Whitworth’s café using filter-feeders and regenerative coastal ingredients that have a positive effect on marine ecology and proactively respond to the ecological challenges along the UK shore.

The site of the restaurant is at the core of Cooking Sections 2021 Turner Prize exhibition new installation. The word ‘restaurant’ originates from Bouillon Restaurant, an establishment in nineteenth-century France whose name literally translates as ‘restorative soup’, where this single-dish menu was intended to warm and nourish people’s bodies.

In the climate emergency, the restaurant can grow to become a place not only to restore the human body, but also to care for the planet’s ecology. CLIMAVORE promotes systems that grow regenerative foods while cultivating habitats.

The new food items that includes a CLIMAVORE Tidal Wrap and a CLIMAVORE Grain Salad will be available to purchase at a number of prestigious cultural institutions across the UK from 29th September.

Daniel & Alon, Founders of Cooking Sections add “We are delighted to be working with cultural institutions across the UK and the Whitworth on Becoming CLIMAVORE, a project that questions how we eat as humans are changing the climate.

CLIMAVORE works to reimagine and transform food systems in response to the climate emergency by addressing ocean pollution from open-net salmon farms. In participating restaurants, farmed salmon has been removed from the menu and replaced with ingredients such as seaweeds, sea vegetables and bivalves, which improve water quality and cultivate marine habitats.”

Becoming CLIMAVORE postcards will be shared with the cafes and restaurants at all participating institutions across the UK; when put together, the 12 individual postcards make a poster edition of part of the Cooking Sections’ Turner Prize installation.

They have been distributed across participating institutions, where visitors can experience a CLIMAVORE dish and collect part of the project.

To view the full list where CLIMAVORE can be tasted visit