Manchester record label Heavy Crates to release KMD (MF DOOM) unreleased track 'The Therapist' (1987)

Promoted by Giles Peterson on BBC 6 music, Heavy Crates launch their Kickstarter page today hoping to reach their £6,000 target to release the project.

By Manchester's Finest | 12 February 2024

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KMD: Zev Love X (DOOM), DJ Subroc, Jade 1 (Rodan)

This track may be the only existing recording of the original KMD lineup (pre ‘Mr Hood’) and is almost certainly the earlist recording of Daniel Dumile aka the legend MF DOOM on tape. The beat is old-school and bounces along with that late 80s vibe but despite the ruff and ready nature of the production and the youthful experimentation of the group, Dumile’s unmistakable style and flow is in full effect here.

This historically significant release is HAND NUMBERED (strictly limited to 100 copies worldwide) featuring a bespoke, hand painted, graffiti-art cover. To mark this extra special release the vinyl comes with a commemorative KMD t-shirt. Artwork by SPAT.

Back the Kickstarter to get your 7 inch vinyl + t-shirt pack

  • £50 gets you limited to 100 hand numbered 7 inch vinyl + t-shirt pack
  • £5 gets you a digital download of the track

Back the KIckstarter here
Check out a teaser of the track from Heavy Crates
Kausin much dmage (KMD) white t-shirt fron and back
KMD T-shirt available at the £50 Kickstarter tier

Track producer Raymond Davis aka X-Ray Da Mindbenda / King Cesar (Monsta Island Czars) on the project

I first met KMD in 1987. At that time there were 4 members of the group; Zev Love X (DOOM), DJ Subroc, Jade 1 (Rodan) & and MC Prime.

They were in a rap contest that I was judging & knew that I was making beats so we ended up talking and they asked to come to my studio to try put something together. I said sure but’s it’s $20.00 an hour. They were young and didn’t have much money so I went down to $10.00 a hour.

They asked me to do drums so I programmed some drums and added a sample, then subroc layered up some scratching; that’s the track you’re hearing now ‘the therapist’, we did the whole thing in one day.

Lately I’ve been speaking with DOOM’s first born son Lord Dahoo and I’m donating the proceeds from this track to him.