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It doesn't sound right - but it's fantastic...

By Manchester's Finest | 28 April 2020

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Leeds-based Northern Ballet have created their very own version of the classic George Orwell novel ‘1984’ and they’ve put it up on YouTube on a ‘Pay What You Feel’ basis to support the actors and productions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I must warn you – it’s only available on YouTube until Sunday 3rd May – so you’ll have to be quick to catch it – and catch it you should. Any fan of the novel will be seriously impressed with this interpretation – I certainly was.

If you’ve never head of 1984 or don’t know what it’s about – don’t worry – you’re actually living in it right now. Hmmm – satire.

In actual fact the dystopian novel follows a bloke called Winston Smith, a man living in a world where actions, languages and even thoughts are all controlled by a dominant government – headed up by the dreaded ‘Big Brother‘ who sees and knows all.

The UK is part of a superstate known as Oceania, who are constantly at war with the similar regimes of Eurasia and Eastasia – a process of perpetual war used to subjugate citizens, increase surveillance and severely restrict freedoms. Much like the ‘War on Terror’ that we’re living through right now.

Anyway, Winston Smith ends up falling in love – as humans tend to do – and the book explores what happens to him as a result. So does the ballet version in fact – and I highly recommend you give it a go.



Northern Ballet’s 1984

Date: Available until Sunday 3rd May
Cost: ‘Pay What You Feel’

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