Pankhurst Centre to offer inspirational poetry workshops and family trails for Heritage Open Days

In a celebration of its rich history and the suffragette movement, Manchester's Pankhurst Centre will offer free 'Poetry at the Pank' workshops and a Creativity Unwrapped Museum Trail this September.

By Manchester's Finest | 29 August 2023

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Manchester’s Pankhurst Centre is preparing to celebrate Heritage Open Days in a unique and creative way. Offering free poetry workshops and an interactive museum trail, the Centre aims to engage with visitors while celebrating its historical roots in the suffragette movement.

The Pankhurst Centre in the grounds of MRI get free rent each year in return they present the NHS with a suffragette sash.

Pictured The Pankhurst Centre building in the NHS grounds

Poetry at the Pank: A Unique Suffragette Experience

On Friday 8 and Friday 15 September, the Centre will host “Poetry at the Pank,” an event designed to offer the “ultimate suffragette experience.” Participants will enjoy a private tour of the museum, which delves into the history of the Pankhurst family and their critical role in campaigning for women’s right to vote. Following the tour, attendees will be invited to participate in “Suffrage Sonnets,” a writing workshop that caters to writers of all skill levels.

Inspired by the festival’s theme “Creativity Unwrapped,” these workshops will feature the works of renowned female poets, including Sylvia Pankhurst, a key figure in the suffragette movement. Her poetry and painting were integral parts of her activism, particularly in highlighting the struggles of working-class women. The workshop is open to people over the age of 18 and runs from 11 am to 1 pm. While the event is free, pre-booking is necessary due to limited availability.

Family-Friendly Exploration with Creativity Unwrapped Museum Trail

For families with younger children, the Centre is also offering the “Creativity Unwrapped Museum Trail” on Sunday 10 September; Thursday 14 September; and Sunday 17 September. This self-guided trail will allow families to explore the Pankhurst Centre museum while embarking on a treasure hunt for intriguing objects and stories related to the suffragette movement and the Pankhurst family. As an added bonus, participants will have the chance to create a suffragette keyring as a keepsake.

Like the poetry workshops, the museum trail is free but requires advance booking.

Support the Heritage Site

While entry to the Pankhurst Centre is free, visitors are encouraged to consider making a £5 donation to support the ongoing work of keeping this heritage site open to both regular visitors and educational tours. In addition to the museum, the Centre also features a garden, café, and pop-up shop that enhance the visitor experience. The Pankhurst Centre is regularly open on Thursdays and Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm.

For further information and to book your spot for these unique experiences, visit