SheOne and Jamie Reid unite for 'Demand the Reasonable' exhibition at Smolensky Gallery

Smolensky Gallery announces new exhibition featuring works of abstract graffiti artist SheOne and activist artist Jamie Reid, known for his Sex Pistols artwork.

By Manchester's Finest | 11 July 2023

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Smolensky Gallery is set to showcase “Demand the Reasonable,” a compelling exhibition featuring two distinct artists, SheOne and Jamie Reid.

SheOne, known for his abstract graffiti, and Jamie Reid, celebrated for his provocative artwork for the Sex Pistols, collaborate to offer an immersive visual experience. Their collective work highlights a blend of graffiti’s vibrant energy with messages of political activism and social commentary, creating an exhibition that encourages thought and discussion.

Jamie Reid’s artwork has evolved beyond his punk rock origins, becoming a common sight at various movements advocating for social change. His designs, first associated with the Sex Pistols, are now seen at anti-capitalist rallies, anti-war demonstrations, and events promoting environmental activism. Reid’s pieces reflect his dedication to climate change activism, incorporating themes that are relevant to the environmental discourse today.

Born in London in 1969, SheOne has established a name for himself in the realm of European abstract graffiti. His work, characterised by its balance of light and dark, draws viewers in with its enigmatic style, using variations in sameness to create striking compositions.

“Demand the Reasonable” invites you to appreciate the combined artistic vision of SheOne and Jamie Reid – challenging societal norms and stimulating an exploration of cultural expression. SheOne succinctly captures this idea, stating, “Anything outside the show is in your mind.”

The exhibition runs 15 July – 20 August to the public at the Smolensky Gallery, located in the ABC Building. There’s an opening preview event on 14 July, which is free to attend, you just need to register free tickets here.

For more details, visit Smolensky Gallery’s website at