The Enlightened: A multimedia thriller blending theatre and technology

Discover the truth behind a young man's mysterious disappearance in India, as "The Enlightened" blends theatre, film, and digital culture in a unique, multi-streamed crime thriller experience.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 6 February 2023

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Image: Beatrice Debney

The Enlightened, a true crime story that spans two continents, is set to premiere on 9 February at HOME, and will be streamed online on 10 and 11 February. The show was co-created by six talented theatre makers from the UK and India, and will feature performances by actors in Manchester and Pune, India, brought together through cutting-edge audiovisual design and streaming.

The show follows the story of a young, white man who travels to India in search of enlightenment, only to disappear without a trace. As friends, family, and internet sleuths try to piece together what happened, they uncover a web of mystery and danger, and must question whether the truth is worth the risk.

The show blends elements of true crime, theatre, film, and digital culture to create a truly unique and immersive experience. Audiences can expect to be transported between the physical, digital, and spiritual realms as they follow the story and participate in a collective meditation session.

In addition to the live performance, audiences around the world will have the chance to join the experience through a live stream of the Friday and Saturday performances. To further enhance the interactive nature of the show, all audience members will have the option to join a WhatsApp group chat as a part of the experience.

Image: Beatrice Debney

The Enlightened was created as a part of NSDF LAB 2021-22, and features sound design by Balraj Samrai, digital production by Bradley Mell, and AV design by Dee Dixon. The show is directed by Liam Rees and produced by Kelly Samuel, and has received support from HOME and Arts Council England.

David Byrne, Artistic Director at NDT, had this to say about the show: “It’s hard not to be inspired by the ambition and the innovative approach of The Enlightened. Pushing at the current limits of tech and live performance, the show has all the raw ingredients to attract the best type of audience – those curious at the possibilities of live theatre, hungry for new form and ideas.”

In-person tickets for The Enlightened are priced between £9.45 and £13.70 and can be purchased online or at HOME’s box office. Online tickets for the live stream are priced between £2.20 and £6.20, and can also be purchased online.


The Enlightened

Venue: HOME (and live-streamed online)
Date: Thursday 9 – Saturday 11 February 2023
Time: 7pm

Online Tickets (£2.20 – £6.20)