The World’s Largest Banksy Exhibition is coming to Manchester this Autumn

The Art of Banksy is a collated exhibition that features some of the elusive artists' very best work.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 9 August 2022

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Quite literally the man, the myth, the legend, Banksy is one of the most talked about artists of the 21st century

His work surprises art fanatics across the world each time it’s erected under the radar on the side of a building or shredded as part of an exclusive auction, and now you’ll get to explore previously unseen pieces at a renowned exhibition that’s reportedly set to arrive in the city this September. 

The artist gives no indication as to where or when they’ll pop up next, making his pieces some of the most sought after and expensive in today’s art world. They’ve left a literal mark on many parts of the UK, but not yet in Manchester…until now. 

The critically acclaimed art exhibition, The Art of Banksy explores over 130 pieces that have been loaned by private Banksy collectors and superfans – and this Autumn, the show is set to take place at a purpose-built, temporary museum on River Street in collaboration with Manchester’s art and theatre space, HOME. 

The exhibition will showcase prints, screenprints, canvases, wood and paper pieces all with a confirmed Banksy stamp. Most of the pieces in the exhibition are previously unseen, but it’s worth noting that the artist himself has no affiliation with the exhibition, as all works are on loan from existing collectors. 

The exhibition is set to take place from Thursday 22nd September 2022 until Sunday 8th January 2023 at the pop-up space on River Street. It will open to the public between 10am and 7pm Sunday to Thursday and 10am – 8pm Friday and Saturday.

The organisers of the event are working with the wider community to ensure that local residents don’t suffer any disruption caused by the run-up or duration of the exhibition. 

We’ll keep you updated once further details are available, but, in the meantime, make sure to immerse yourself in Banksy’s 2010 film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’, a documentary that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.