GROOVE: A Performance Uniting Queer People on the Dancefloor

Contact Theatre presents a brand-new production from award-winning company Outbox…

By Ben Brown | 22 September 2022

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Based on the real stories and testimonies of LGBTQIA+ people across generations, GROOVE is a brand new performance coming to Contact Theatre, exploring the dancefloor as a place of protest, identity, belonging and desire, embracing what it means to be queer, then, now, and in the future.

GROOVE features a fierce and mighty cast of intergenerational dancers and actors moving to pulsing music, mesmerising lasers, shimmering lights, and video. Combined with the rhythm of era-defining and defying original beats, shape-shifting you through time and across decades.

The production has been created by Outbox, who aim to create spaces where queer people can dream and imagine. Founded in 2010 by director Ben Buratta, Outbox disrupt and question, shimmy and groove, overwhelm and delight, subvert and challenge, disregard the ‘rules’ to find new structure, reach towards utopia and queer the form of performance making.



Dates: Wednesday 5th – Saturday 9th October,
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Contact Theatre
Cost: £18 Full price | £15 Under 35 | £10 Concessions