Review: 9 to 5 The Musical at Palace Theatre

Who in their right mind isn't a fan of Dolly Parton?

By Ben Brown | 19 September 2019

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Based on the hit 1980 movie starring Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin, ‘9 to 5’ hit the Palace Theatre this week and we went down to check it out.

With music and lyrics coming straight from Dolly herself, you can be assured of plenty of toe-tapping musical numbers – mostly centred around the 3 main characters, Violet Newstead (Louise Redknapp), Judy Bernly (Amber Davies) & Doralee Rhodes (Georgina Castle).

Set in the 80’s, the story revolves around the three women’s interactions with the men in their office, centred around CEO (and ultimate chauvinist pig) Franklin Hart Jnr, played fantastically by Sean Needham.

What ensues is a story of poisonings, bondage and empowered women – a theme that couldn’t be more important in today’s society. The empowering of women that is – not the bondage.

The three central women each has their own distinct personality and stage presence, and as the show goes on you genuinely feel them come closer together. This is not just reflected in what they say but also the effortless chemistry between the leads, as well as the flashy musical numbers they all come to share.

The music side of things are of course in very good hands and there’s a slew of catchy numbers that will have you toe-tapping and whooping for joy. The addition of regular video interruptions from the woman herself are also a genius stroke – it’s mightily impressive to see such charisma and charm pour out of an LCD screen.

Finally, I should point out that Georgina Castle was the truly stand-out performance of the night and her rendition of Backwards Barbie was as heartfelt and emotionally charged as you’d ever want. Her performance was mesmerising (in more ways than one!) and she’s certainly one to watch in the future.

9 to 5 The Musical is on at The Palace Theatre until 20th September.