Watch Shakespeare's plays from The Globe (at home)

The world-famous theatre is streaming the world-famous Bard's productions online...

By Manchester's Finest | 30 April 2020

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Anyone who has watched a bit of Shakespeare at The Globe down in London will know that it’s a pretty magical experience.

The cheap tickets are the ones that the peasants would buy back in the day, so you’re stood up the whole bloody time, but you’re really close to the action and if you squint (and perhaps don’t wash for a few days beforehand) you could be all the way back in the 16th Century.

There are two main reasons why you can’t go down to London and do that though. The first is that you don’t want to spend £205 on a return train ticket down there, and the other – well, we’re on bloody lockdown and it’s closed you idiot.

So The Globe have embraced the 21st Century and are offering up live streams of their past productions – and it’s all for bloody free baby.

At the moment they’re streaming their 2009 production of Romeo & Juliet starring Game of Throne’s Ellie Kendrick until Sunday 3rd May, which is sure to take you back to GCSE English in now time.

They’re following that with ‘The Two Noble Kinsmen’ (May 4-17), ‘The Winter’s Tale’ (May 18-31), ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ (June 1-14) and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (June 15-28).

I’m sure if we are on lockdown any longer than that then they’ll add some more to that list for your viewing pleasure. So grab a flagon of ale, wrap a couple of doilies around your neck and enjoy…

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