20 Stories launch Rooftop Dining Experience that uses Chocolate in Every Dish!

Got a passion for all things cocoa? 20 Stories has created a four-course tasting menu with chocolate as a key ingredient in every dish...

By Emma Davidson | 22 June 2022

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To mark World Chocolate Day, which takes place on Thursday 7th of July, 20 Stories has designed a chockingly good, exclusive, four-course chocolate-based menu that’s made for those with a sweet tooth.

It’s been suggested that World Chocolate Day marks the anniversary of chocolate being introduced to Europe in 1550. The dates has been observed in the calendar as a day of celebration since 2009, and whatever your preference, it’s a good enough excuse to grab yourself a bar of the best and demolish it all at once. 

Priced at £55 per person, 20 Stories chocolate-based dining experience consists of dishes that each use different chocolate strengths. Starting with a White Chocolate, Olive Oil and Caviar appetiser, the second course will then combine Pigeon Breast with cherry and a chocolate porter sauce. 

There’s nothing better than a chocolate-based beverage, so the combination of the dark beer sauce with the cherry and pigeon is one that we’re surprised we haven’t had the pleasure of trying before, as there’s something particularly archaic and regal about it. 

The third course consists of Braised Pork Belly with Alliums and Mole Negro. If you’re unfamiliar with this sauce, mole negro is a thick, deep and slightly spicy sauce that hails from Mexico and is made using dark chocolate. 

It’s then mixed with chillies, spices, dried fruit and peanut butter to create a silky smooth sauce that’s a stunning accompaniment to meat such as pork and chicken, but also works wonders as part of an enchilada or taco mix, too!

The evening will then end on a Chocolate Mousse dessert, which will come with caramelised white chocolate, almond, blackberry and clotted cream. It’s probably worth going just for this alone. 

You’ll be welcomed into the evening with a glass of Nyetimber on arrival, and chef Daniel Scott will then guide you through each individual course and how it was crafted. 

The evening kicks off at 6.30pm in 20 Stories private dining room, which is complete with stunning cityscape views and an exclusive dining area which showcases the glamour of the restaurant. 


4-course Chocolate Tasting Menu

Date: Thursday 7th July
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: 20 Stories
Cost: £55 per person

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