Manchester's first alcohol-free bar Love From creates new 'sour beer' in collab with Cloudwater

The Boring AF sour is based on Love From's Manchester Tart mocktail...

By Lucy Holt | 29 May 2024

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Love From, the booze-free bar at Kampus, is adding a new alcohol-free sour to its menu this Friday. 

Boring AF is a summer sour, inspired by Love From’s most popular alcohol-free cocktail, the Manchester Tart. It’s created over in Piccadilly by Manchester beer titans Cloudwater, who are one of the breweries responsible for growing Manchester’s stellar craft beer reputation since they were established in 2015. 

The sour leads with a cherry flavour, with notes of hibiscus, lemon and vanilla in the mix too and the can is as eye-catching as its flavour is punchy. It has been designed by Manchester artist Caroline Dowsett, whose colourful, positive designs are recognisable across the city.

The design features shapes and colours reminiscent of flowers, cherries and vanilla.

The name Boring AF is a playful response to one Instagram user who commented ‘2 pints of boring please’ when the alcohol-free bar initially opened as a temporary residency in Kampus in October 2023.

Love From founder Karl Considine said about the collaboration: “Not only does the drink taste great but also looks great, and this is the perfect accompaniment to summer days, without the hangover.”

Since opening full time February this year, Karl, who will also be hosting his own pop-up bar at Parklife, has been prompting people to challenge the notion that ‘cutting out is missing out’.

Boring AF will be available at Love From from Friday 31st May.