Alternative Christmas Markets are heading to the Northern Quarter

Okay so in case you didn't know - the Christmas Markets are here. You probably already know this though, as if the influx of Instagram pictures of people holding their £9 mug of Mulled Wine wasn't enough of a hint.

By Ben Brown | 27 November 2017

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For all of their charm and Christmassey-ness (which is definitely a word), the Markets do tend to invoke some rather negative connotations at times, especially if you’re thinking of going on a weekend.

Not only do you need to re-mortgage your house or sell a lung on the black market in order to afford a day out there, but it’s also pretty much always completely packed, so much so that I saw a sardine having a panic attack there once on a Saturday afternoon. Don’t get me started on the people who decide to lug prams about the place either.

As the perfect remedy to these problems, a bunch of people have got together to provide Manchester with an alternative – the Off Markets in the Northern Quarter.

Starting on the 9th December, the Off Markets will provide an alternative Christmas Market that supports independent business as well as providing plenty of food and booze along the way.

You can expect the usual mix of ales, cocktails and mulled wine, as well as plenty of food stalls offering everything from vegan grub right up to big slabs of meat.

Tickets are FREE and can be acquired right here:

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