Art & Aperitivo: Campari pick Manchester's Best Negroni...

Looking to link art with the classic Negroni, Campari choose an NQ favourite for the best Negroni in town.

By Ben Brown | 5 November 2019

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Now that the weather has taken a turn for the worst, you can’t just wander the streets of the city basking in the sun while drinking a 2-litre bottle of ice-cold Lilt. Shame.

Instead, it’s now advisable to actually go inside places to escape the cold and wet, and as I’m sure you’re aware, Manchester has an abundance of fantastic art galleries and museums in which you can soak up a bit of culture.

Looking to get in on this is Campari, who have decided to create ‘Art-Aperitivo‘ – a look at the best places to get a Negroni in the UK after you’ve visited an art gallery or museum.

Looking for the best places to stop and reflect ‘post-culture’, Campari have chosen the Northern Quarter’s Science + Industry as the best place for the classic cocktail.

And to be fair to them, they should know what they’re talking about. Since its invention in 1919 by a bloke in Florence, Campari has been an integral ingredient in the Negroni – so there’s 100 years of experience in that decision right there.

That certainly means a lot more than my opinion, a 34-year-old idiot from Oldham, but you’re still going to get it anyway. You certainly can’t go wrong with the cocktails at Science & Industry – they are amongst the best in the city, and the venue itself is relaxed and comfortable – perfect for a relaxing drink after a busy day.

There’s lots of creativity going on in Science + Industry – the team there are always mixing, shaking and experimenting with drinks – so much so that they even offer a Prototype Drink every Monday where you pay-what-you-feel for a brand-new concoction dreamt up by one of the very talented bar staff.

Are the Negroni’s any good? Of course they are. They’re fantastic – just like every other cocktail in here. Whether it’s their take on the Porn Star Martini, a Tree-inspired concoction or their legendary Feta Cheese cocktail – they’ve got something for everyone.



Science + Industry, 49, 51 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 839 7033