All Hail The Junkyard Golf Club Madness!

Since moving to their brand new First Street location last year, the Junkyard Golf Club team promised to take the concept to the next level.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 21 August 2018

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There’d be more courses and bigger, more dramatic immersive environments that are even weirder than anything you’ve seen before, and it must be said – they’ve delivered.

For anyone who has never been to Junkyard Golf Club, the format revolves around the well-loved crazy golf idea; to get the little round ball into the little round hole in as few hits as possible.

Standing in your way though, throughout the 27 different holes spread over 3 courses are some of the weirdest and most challenging obstacles you could ever think of.

While doing this, you’ll also have access to a wide range of fantastic party cocktails and drinks (which you can take on the courses with you), as well as a nice little menu of snacks to keep your energy levels up while navigating a particularly difficult bathtub or 3-wheeled van.

All under one roof there’s 5 boozy bars, some killer tunes and of course – 3 big courses, each with its own theme;


Roll up! Roll up! It’s the greatest show on Earth – or something like that. This course is all about dark fairgrounds, circus freaks and twisted clowns. Winner takes it all in a homage to all things carnival! Avoid some pretty shit scary clowns, try to get your ball on the devilishly difficult Ferris Wheel, traverse the Hall of Mirrors and take a few selfies in the genuine old-school Bumper Cars.

Junkyard Golf Club: How to win at Bozo (every time)



Here we have what can only be described as a jungle themed course, complete with a deep-cave bear-wrestling-cage, a drug-smuggling speed boat and a huge disgusting giant spider that sits atop one of the most annoyingly difficult holes in the whole building. There’s extensive junglist massive influences everywhere including a real-life Aztec pyramid, shipped all the way over from Mexico in 1439, which manages to both annoy and entertain in equal amounts.



Time to take a scrapyard challenge with Gary, winding your way through towers of tyres, written-off cars and other random bits of auto-junk. Take on the giant loop the loop of Tyre-som Fury, putt off the top of a Mini and slide down a slide, before you find yourself in the back of a van full of priceless art. The course then takes a rather unexpected turn by plonking you in Gary’s UV garage rave where you can ‘big-fish, little-fish, cardboard box’ the rest of the night away.

Junkyard Golf Club: How to win at Gary (every time)


It’s a fantastic night out, and brilliant place to get tipsy with your mates while getting competitive, or indeed the perfect venue for that date you’ve been looking forward to for a few weeks – because even if the conversation goes a bit dry, there’ll be plenty of drinks and giggles to ease everything along.

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Junkyard Golf Club, 2 First St, Manchester M15 4RP