Free G&Ts at Cottonopolis and beat the queue at the bar with new app

A new app has launched called Tabb, which will make any need for bar politics a thing of the past...

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 16 March 2017

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A new app has launched called Tabb, which will make any need for bar politics a thing of the past; no need for ‘friendly’ use of the elbows or slyly catching the eye of the bar tender that you tipped earlier… just kick back and browse the drinks menu on your phone.


We all know that queuing at the bar for drinks can be a bit of a drag. Enter Tabb, an app where customers can choose, order and pay for drinks from their phone with a choice between having the drinks delivered straight to your table or to receive a notification for you to collect them at the bar when they are ready.

Following its rep of loving all things Manchester, Cottonopolis is supporting the local startup created by solicitor, Dan Sandler, and software developer, Joseph Clover, while giving its customer base use of an app that offers a huge leap into the future.

Everyone that downloads Tabb and signs up will receive a free premium G&T in association with Tanqueray and Fevertree (until the end of March). It’s really easy to claim the reward too; once you’ve made an account with Tabb the free drink will be right there waiting for you within your profile.


Dan Sandler, CEO at Tabb says “We’re excited about this opportunity to really showcase Tabb in one of Manchester’s best and most forward thinking bars, Cottonopolis. We’d love to use this as a platform get Tabb into more venues where customers can benefit from the future: quicker and less stressful service when going out for a drink.”

Further information about Tabb:
– Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @Tabbdrink
– Only available on iOS for now. Android release April 2017.
Download Tabb from iTunes
– Website: