Mojo invite you to enjoy 2-4-1 drinks and tailored playlists pre and post gig with #MOJOGigClub.

By Matthew Tyas | 27 February 2013

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Adding an additional element of ‘awesome’ to your gig-night-experience –
Mojo invite you to enjoy 2-4-1 drinks and tailored playlists pre and post gig with #MOJOGigClub

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Going to a gig is pretty special, and Mojo knows that, which is why they want to make you gig-night-experience as awesome as possible. With this in mind they’re introducing #MOJOGigClub – their way of helping you extend the pleasure of attending a gig in Leeds, Manchester or Liverpool.

So what is #MOJOGigClub? Mojo have compiled a list of all the gigs this year that get the special MOJO ‘rock n roll’ nod of approval (the list is on the website, If you come down to see them either pre or post one of these gigs and show them your ticket/ticket stub we will shoot you an approving look and offer you the tempting deal of two drinks for the price of one, anytime on the day of the gig.

In addition to the chance of consuming some of their fine elixirs for half the price, they will also be tailoring our in-bar music to reflect the gigs in the city that night.

So if you’re heading to The Courtneers at Leeds’ O2 Academy on 21st and are still buzzing when you leave, head to MOJO Leeds and we will be mixing The Courteneers’ fine indie-rock rhythms into our usual witches brew of high voltage Rock and Roll. The same goes for Everything Everything in Liverpool, The Killers in Manchester etc. You get the picture.
If you don’t get a chance to head to the website and see the MOJO approved gigs for the month, don’t worry, they’ll be posting updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages using the tag #MOJOGigClub. And they want to know your feedback too, so if you went to see them pre-gig and our drinks and tailored playlist really made your night, let them know. You can post up your videos and photos from your night too!

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