The 4th Birthday of Open Mic Night at The Whiskey Jar

The Whiskey Jar's fantastic Open Mic night is celebrating 4 years this week with a line up of 12 of the best acts from the year.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 16 November 2017

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They’ll all be vying for your claps and attention so they can be crowned the best and win the greatest prize of all – respect.

My rather limited experience of Open Mic nights have revolved around a group of bewildered looking blokes carrying Argos guitars and the odd poet delving into a book of writings that wouldn’t look out of place in a serial killers’ bathroom.

The Whiskey Jar’s offering is a much more organised and entertaining affair however. In fact, it’s so entertaining that we decided to Live stream it every week on Facebook so that people didn’t have to brace the chilling Winter weather to watch it.

So whether you decide to head on down yourself, or sit at home in your gruds and watch it on Facebook, it looks to be a pretty big night of some top quality acts, as well as some special drinks offers and even some freebies from Jameson Irish Whiskey.

The Whiskey Jar, 14 Tariff St, Manchester M1 2FF
0161 237 5686