The 7 Best Places to go to for a #Throwback Song & Dance

Do you ever go on nights out in Manchester and think to yourself, ‘Jesus Christ I’ve already heard this song 8 times tonight!’?

By Manchester's Finest | 3 October 2017

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Let’s be honest, you can jump from club to club as much as you like, but every playlist is going to be exactly the same. The same crowd of people, the same generic crap churned out by every DJ, the same pretention and atmosphere on every street corner.

I mean, since when did looking good and ‘being cool’ become more important than having fun? If you’re anything like me, a night out is about letting your hair down. But where in Manchester can you go and not be judged for doing the worm on the dance floor or performing a year 7 dance routine to Steps with your mates? Well ladies and gents, if you’re in need of a wild night out filled with your favourite #Throwback tracks of all time, these are the places to go…

If you haven’t stumbled into Mojo’s after a boozy night out on the town, then you are yet to earn the title of a true Mancunian. Known for being one of the few bars open past 3am, Mojo’s is the ultimate watering hole for drunkards looking to bust a lung from singing. If you’ve been to Bridge Street’s best attraction, you’ll know it’s pretty unique in comparison to the ‘glam’ of the Northern Quarter and Spinningfields. The Rock & Roll themed bar, located just off Deansgate, plays everything from Aerosmith to Queen, so you’ll never make it through a night without turning to your pals and going, ‘oh my god I LOVE this song.’

Whilst the setting is pretty small and can get rather cramped at times, you can take some solace from knowing that if you pass out standing up, you’ll never hit the floor. That’s because you’ll be held up by the sea of sweaty bodies around you. Lush. But on a serious note, it really is the ultimate place for a sing, dance and a few too many beers. And if you’re brave (sober) enough, you can even stand on the tables and belt it out on your very own, very rickety stage. Trust me, you’ll love every second.

Mojo, 59 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ
0845 611 8643


If you claim to have never sang Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or Celine Dion in the shower – you’re a liar. Everyone has a soft spot for divas, whether you like to admit it or not. Unlike most people, I’m proud to admit that I’m a Diva lover, and enjoy nothing more than grooving to my favourite hits with the help of my hairbrush. If you’re anything like me, deep house and chart music just doesn’t cut it. I want to hear a symphony of screeches when ‘I Will Always Love You’ plays through the speakers. With this is mind, there’s no better place to go than Kiki on Canal Street if you’re looking for a diva-thon. The drinks are cheap, the crowd is electric and the music is obviously a dream- so give your roommates a break and debut your Cher impersonation to a crowd that’ll actually appreciate it.

Kiki, 4 Canal St, Manchester M1 3HE
0161 236 5437


Satan’s Hollow
It’s common knowledge that growing up, everyone was either a goth or a chav. You either listened to Club Land or Kerrang and Scuzz. Ahh the good days! But whether you knocked around in trackies or flared jeans with chains, you can’t deny that the emo/goth scene had some absolute bangers. Thankfully, a certain Manchester venue on Princess Street has decided to keep our childhood hits alive and kicking. From Blink 182 right through to Slipknot, Satan’s is the ultimate hotspot for rockers far and wide. Aside from the questionable papier mâché devil glued to the wall, Satan’s is the definition of #Throwback, and is one hell of a night out (excuse the pun). But one word of warning. It can get super-hot in there. Don’t make the same mistake as me and wear leather pants to fit in, or else you’ll have a Ross Gellar moment in the toilets too. Seriously…

Satan’s Hollow, 101 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD
0161 236 0666


Girls on Film at Deaf Institute
If you can remember a time when shoulder pads ruled the catwalks, computer-headed men presented TV shows and music came complete with proper words and a beat designed by a robot, then you’re going to love Girls on Film at The Deaf Institute. No, it’s not a 2015 disco (a shameful time when shoulder pads did actually make a comeback), it’s their weekly foray into the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Debbie Harry and Grace Jones – in fact, everyone’s favourite 80’s stars will be there. It’s almost impossible not to sing and even harder not to dance, so head on down on a Saturday – it sure beats most other places you can go to, where all they’ll be playing is Pitbull.

The Deaf Institute, 135 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HE
0161 276 9350


The Liars Club
Don’t you just love nightclubs that play crap music all night that you secretly love? You might pretend to be hating every second, but your hips won’t lie, in Liars Club. Whether you want to ballroom dance to Wham! (I actually did that) or form a band with your girls and perform The Moulin Rouge, The Liars Club on Back Bridge Street is the cheesiest place in Manchester. And guess what? People bloody love it! Located just around the corner from Mojo’s, Liars is a haven for weird and wonderful cocktails, funky décor and absolute banging classics. So whether you fancy a boogie or a blast from the past, you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. Scouts promise!

The Liars Club, 19A Back Bridge St, Manchester M3 2PB
0161 834 5111


Bar Pop
If you’re a 90’s kid like me, you’ll remember how unforgettable the music was. From Britney Spears to the Backstreet Boys, the nineties and noughties were decades built on ‘guilty pleasures’, and there’s no song that doesn’t hold a place deep within our hearts. Although you might get bottled for playing Atomic Kitten at pre-drinks, you won’t be judged for a second in Bar Pop. You’d fit right in! So if you’re feeling nostalgic and want to re-live your youth for the night, head on down to Bar Pop in Canal Street and have the time of your life!

Bar Pop, 10 Canal St, Manchester M1 3EZ
0161 236 0446


Ultimate Power
An absolute haven of fist pumping, big hair and ludicrously high notes, Ultimate Power has now become the stuff of legend, much like Phil Collins’ hairline. Playing all of your favourite power ballad belters, you’d have to be an complete moron, or completely deaf, to not want to sing along to pretty much the whole set list on an Ultimate Power night. Featuring classics such as ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ by Cher, and ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ make sure you bring your ripped jeans, leather jacket and 5 bottles of Elnett along with you.