Vampire Lovers - Halloween Masquerade at Behind Closed Doors

I'm sat here in the Manchester's Finest office, it's 9am and it was an almighty struggle getting out of bed this morning. Not only was I receiving text messages and emails throughout the early hours (very rude), but it's been cold, wet and dark - winter is truly on the way.

By Ben Brown | 20 September 2017

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But it’s not all doom and gloom over the next few months. Yes, Christmas hangs over winter like a shit-coated Sword of Damocles – annoying people with relentless Mariah Carey songs and outrageously soppy John Lewis adverts usually featuring a spoilt little brat and his equally annoying middle-class parents.

Light in this dark, miserable tunnel comes in the form of Halloween – and to an extent Bonfire Night (unless you’re a dog). Halloween is always great – giving most people the chance to get dressed up like a dick without fear of ridicule, and for attractive women to wear the sluttiest outfit imaginable, add some cat ears and prance around like they’ve just invented the two-man horse costume.

It was also pleasing to hear that Behind Closed Doors have announced an erotically charged Halloween Masquerade party – Vampire Lovers. With compulsory masks required, fancy dress encouraged and 80s & 90s inspired tunes – it should be a pretty belting night.

Vampire Lovers – Another Masquerade Affair
Saturday 28th October

Behind Closed Doors, 91-95 Oldham Street, M4 1LW